Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Farmer's Market - Week 1 = Success!

So last Saturday morning was the first week of the Springfield Farmer's Market, a local market that runs every Saturday morning from 9a-12:30p.

Dereck debuted his dog treats and they were definitely a hit! Sadly my cat treats didn't pass the test with my own cats, so I haven't started selling them yet.

However, I did VERY well with my collars and toys.  I sold 3 cat collars and a dog collar and I also got an order for an XS pink bling doggy collar!

ALSO! A very sweet 6th grader invited me to setup a booth at an event she is planning for our local Humane Society on the 25th!  Really love seeing children helping animals at such a young age :)

Here are 2 pics from the market.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Craft Show

So this is about a week later than I wanted to post this, but I wanted to talk about my first show! Pictures after the text as well :)

It went....not as well as I wanted it to. BUT, I/we (gotta include the boyfriend, Dereck) did better than most of the people there.  The mall was DEAD.  It also didn't help that the weather was nice and sunny, the first nice weekend in Ohio for weeks.

The above being said I did sell a lot of toys, and a few collars and leashes. We also decided to do a raffle for a cat combo and a dog combo. An adorable little girl one the cat combo raffle and she sent me a picture of her kitten, Rapunzel in her new blue kitty bling collar (picture below).

I also met a lot of amazing new people and I learned a lot about some upcoming shows this year that I plan on doing. Which led to what I will be doing the next 16 Saturday mornings starting this weekend....the Springfield Farmer's Market. A local market every Saturday morning from 9a-noon. We will be debuting our cat and dog treats there this weekend as well, and I should be posting about it a few days later.

One last thing before the pictures....
 My shop was featured in a blog!  Go check it out, the girl who runs it is super sweet, and she also was my first sale on Etsy :)  The Cat Cupboard

My set-up, I made the banner

Recycled T-shirt tug toys

View of the whole table

My mother and me, and then me and Dereck

Rapunzel, such a cutie :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving on up!

A few wonderful things for the shop/biz have happened this week!

1) Obviously that I started a blog, something that I've been thinking about for a long time.  I think that enough is starting to happen that having a blog is something neat to do.  I have more ideas to go with this, but this is the first step.  I've seen other shops/blogs that have blogs for their cats, and cats do enough interesting stuff that I could deff have a blog for them!

2) I had my very first custom order! A lady sent me a message on Etsy last week that she wanted a DOZEN of my fleece braid ropes, but she also had a special request...that I sew bells on the ends for her blind rescue cats: Sonar and Ping (cutest names ever!) So happy that my first custom order went to a special cause :)

3) not only did I have my first custom sale, I also had my first MULTIPLE shipping day! When I shipped out the custom order I also sent 2 "kitty bling" collars to Canada.  And there's more!  I had another sale today, 3 days in a row! Woo!  I sent a Minnie Mouse dog collar to TX.

4) Multiple treasuries! Several of my items were featured in treasuries this week, which means more people are seeing my stuff.  Also had a giveaway on Facebook for a cat toy in celebration of having 50 fans recently.

I think that this was a huge week for the shop. I feel like it's growing finally.  Craft show papers came in the mail this week and I can't wait to do my first show, the countdown is on...14 days!

I just wanted to share the reasons that I decided to finally make this blog.  EVerything will be changed up to look better soon I promise.  I'm alos going to write up a post soon about how everything started!  Thanks for ready our first blog post!